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Sacred Cacao and Sound Meditation

This event will allow the participant to engage in a heart opening experience enhanced by the raw cacao beverage.  There will be a gentle yoga sequence to prepare the body for the sound meditation. We will then bring our attention to the sounds of the Gong, Shruti Box, Singing Bowls, Monochord & Chimes.

We will begin by setting our intention for the meditation while partaking in a raw cacao beverage or gentle tea. 

Raw Cacao can open the heart, allowing you to fully feel your emotions. It provides an opportunity to connect with yourself and those around you in a more authentic way. It can uplift the mood and heighten creativity. The chocolate can bring you to a place that is ready to release old patterns in a gentle way while creating space for the new. 

The cacao also contains antioxidants, magnesium and vast amount of other vitamins, minerals. "The phytochemical analysis of cacao beans reveal that raw chocolate is perhaps the most chemically complex food on Earth." One such benefit is Anandamide, a neurotransmitter said to be responsible for the feeling of "bliss". 

After drinking the cacao or choice of tea we will begin a short yoga sequence designed to still the mind and bring comfort and relaxation to the body. During this time the cacao will take it's full effect preparing the body for the meditation. 

We will guide you into savasana or a supported seated pose for the sound mediation. The sound portion will included instruments like the shruti box, gong, bowl, monochord and chimes. You will be able to tune into the vibrations and overtones created by the instruments. Allow the sounds to wash over you, quiet the mind and bring stillness to your body. The cacao will assist you as you go deeper into the meditative state. There is bliss in a still mind. 

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm (Please arrive early to settle in)

Things to bring: Yoga mat, blanket, pillows, water...anything that will allow you to sit or lay in a comfortable position during the meditation. 

Cost: $30  dollars per person

Registration is required for event, buy tickets at:

We hope to see you there and are excited to be sharing this experience with you!!

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