Brewing Beer

We have had lots of questions about us brewing beer.  The number one question we get asked is, "When will you guys be brewing beer?"  The answer: We are brewing very small batches of beer now.  We want to make sure they are good before making larger batches to offer to our customers.  We are just waiting on the carbonation process now.  We are very excited to make the big step into brewing and cannot wait until we can offer our beers to all of our customers!  We will be sure to have Facebook, Twitter, and other announcements as soon as it is ready for everyone to enjoy.

We are just as anxious as all of you to serve and drink our own beers and will be sure to let everyone know when that time comes.  For now, we hope everyone is enjoying our great selections of beers from other great breweries.  As always, we love to hear any suggestions you may have about beers to have on tap.  Hope to see everyone at the bar(n) soon.